Ladder Bracket Safety Point

For those working at heights ladders are in everyday use. Getting on and off the roof using a ladder seems like a fairly straight forward process, but ladder related incidents lead to a large percentage of injuries both in the workplace and around the home.

Many common maintenance jobs such as gutter cleaning, window cleaning, roofing repairs and gutter repairs require the use of a ladder. Ladders pose a significant risk and precautions need to be taken to use them in a safe manner. Many injuries result from using ladders in the wrong location, resulting in incidents with overhead wires, unstable footing and passing pedestrian traffic. These risks are significantly reduced by either using an extra person to assist while using a ladder, or by installing safety points in and around a building.

What does a Ladder Bracket do?

Ladder brackets make working at heights on a ladder or roof safe. Ladder brackets are a device permanently fixed to a roof or wall that enables a ladder to be safely secured in place by just one person. It secures the top of the ladder from moving and holds the ladder firmly in place as the user climbs and accesses the roof and climbs down again. It also protects your gutters from damage or scratches from ladders.

Australian WHS/OH&S regulations stipulate that while working with a ladder it needs to be tied off or secured. Ladder brackets allow this to occur without having to carry extra tools or devices to secure the ladder. The bracket allows for easy ladder positioning and a secure area to simply and quickly attach a safety tie to the ladder.

Where to install a Ladder Bracket?

Ladder brackets are installed where access to a roof requires use of a ladder. When Sydney Anchor Points Certified Installers install an access point they examine the best location for a ladder to be used on a particular building. Choice of Ladder Bracket placement will consider potential hazards such as the surrounding ground level, overhead wires, pedestrian traffic, roof accessibility and roof anchor points.

Once the location is selected the appropriate type of ladder bracket is selected, wall mounted or roof mounted. Installation of the appropriate ladder bracket is relatively straight forward and has little visual impact. For metal roof installation a few roofing screws are removed and the ladder bracket slides easily under the roofing sheet. Tiled roofs required 1 or 2 tiles to be temporarily removed, the ladder bracket is then fixed to the rafters before replacing the tiles. Wall mounting the ladder bracket may be required, in such a case the appropriate fixing method for the wall type is used.