Height Safety Certification Process

Australian WHS/OH&S regulations require all safety access systems (including anchor points and roof access systems) to be annually inspected to ensure they are still in good condition and safe to use. This requires a certified installer to check each safety point and confirm it's condition and it's fitness. Once inspection is completed a Certificate of compliance can be issued.

Re-Certification of a Safety System

If you have already installed safety anchor points without using a certified installer then those points also need to be inspected by a certified installer to check that they comply with the regulations and then a certificate can be issued. The certificate is valid for 12 months, so annual certification is required to keep the certificate current and to ensure the safety points do not deteriorate over time.

Certified Installers

All Sydney Anchor Points installers are certified, so after installation of any anchor point, you will be issued with a Height Safety Certification immediately. We will also offer to return in 12 months to check the installed safety points and provide an updated Certification. Sydney Anchor Points keep a record of installed points and will offer a reminder to the client before the 12 months is expired. Certification is a relatively simple process and can be arranged and quoted over the phone. If any issue is found with an anchor point or system then the certifier will inform the responsible party and offer solutions that will enable a certificate to be issued. In most cases, this can be done on the spot so no extra visit will be required.

Keeping a current and up-to-date Height Safety Certification will enable workers to access a roof without the need for safety railing being installed each time. It also ensures that all safety points are not corroding or damaged so that they will not fail in the case of an incident. It is the ultimate assurance of a safe roof access system and allows working at heights to be both safe and easy.

Things to consider when purchasing height safety components:

  • Does your height safety anchor point system comply with AS/NZS1891.4 standards?
  • Is your installer qualified to install your roof anchors?
  • Is your roof anchor rated to withstand 21kN?
  • Does your anchor come with correct documentation eg. installations guide, testing results, product sheets?
  • Are all areas of your roof protected with anchor points, allowing complete access?
  • Are you getting yearly inspections on your anchors as per Australian and New Zealand Standards by a qualified inspector?

Work Health & Safety

We pride ourselves on our WHS (OH&S) record that is second to none, based on safety and performance training that is ongoing for all our staff and which includes mandatory Work Cover inductions and Working At Height certification.

Work Cover legislation requires that you provide a safe environment for us to work in – so please ask our team to quote on providing at least a minimum fall protection device or safety system.

Click here for an extract of the WHS ACT 2011 Update 6/12