Roof Safety Anchor Points

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We are at the peak of height safety. If you have been searching for a simple, reliable and compliant height safety solution for your property, you can rely on our experienced team with 100% confidence.

Roof Safety Anchor Points

The Numbers Tell The Story

0 – Number of safety incidents

1 – We are the #1 roof anchor point installer in NSW

21 – Our anchor points are rated to 21kN

360 – Our roof anchor points provide full 360-degree access

1891.4 – Our anchor points meet Australian Standard 1891.4

1999 – We have been in this business for more than 20 years.

10,000 – We currently service over 10,000 residential and strata properties annually

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No matter the size, construction or location of your roof, we have a compliant roof safety solution that will meet your demands and budget. Thanks to the experience and expertise of our personnel, we specialise in creating simple solutions for challenging safety requirements.

Sydney Wide Service

We are passionate about both safety and Sydney. It is our goal to provide the complete Sydney community with reliable height safety systems to help you finish your roof maintenance tasks safely.

No matter where you live in this beautiful city, we are your local height safety experts.

We are ready to attend to your property in the Northern Beaches, North Shore, Forest District, Hills Shire, Sutherland, Southern Suburbs, Sydney CBD, Eastern CBD, Canterbury-Bankstown, Ashfield, Liverpool, Campbelltown, Western Sydney, Greater Western Sydney or the Blue Mountains.

Our knowledge of local, state and national legislation and standards ensures we can provide a fully compliant and hassle-free service.

Worker Using Roof Safety System

Why Choose Sydney Anchor Points?

  • Family-owned business
  • Fully contactless service
  • Easy quotes
  • Sydney wide service
  • Sydney's #1 anchor points team
  • Commercial, domestic and strata
  • Metal, tiled, flat and concrete roofs
  • Complete range of safety systems
  • Fully trained and insured
  • Highly recommended

We can fast-track the installation and certification of your height safety system. Our streamlined services and rapid response means that you can get the height safety services you need when you need them.

Put us to the test today.

We look forward to partnering with you in creating a safe working environment on your roof.

Fully Compliant Roof Safety Anchors

All of our roof safety anchors comply with AS1891.4, AS5532 and AS4488. Don't get overwhelmed with the legislation and technicalities of roof safety systems. We can help you understand your legal obligations and recommend the best system for your needs. All of our roof safety anchor points are installed by qualified and experienced height safety installers.

We provide the best defence against a fall. Our team will analyse your roof and create a roof safety system that provides you with complete safety while still allowing you to carry out all necessary tasks on your roof.

Roof Anchor Point

Complete Range Of Services

Sydney Anchor Points provides a complete suite of height safety services. For tailored roof access systems, call one of our qualified tradesmen today on 02 8020 5777.

  • Safe roof access system design
  • Roof safety audits
  • Roof anchor point installation
  • Roof anchor point certification
  • Ladder bracket installation
  • Roof access hatch installation
  • Height safety certification
  • Roof fall protection anchors

Our roof anchor points can be used for fall arrest and fall restraint. We can help you with innovative solutions for surface mounted, purlin mounted, concrete glue in, friction and steel fix anchor point installations.

Class-Leading Anchor Points

Our range of energy-absorbing roof anchor points ensure extra safety in case an accident occurs. By effectively 'cushioning' the fall, these innovative anchor points can reduce injuries if a fall is further than one or two meters. The unique design also prevents damage to the roof and existing structures. If you have any questions about our comprehensive range of roof anchor points, please don't hesitate in contacting us today on 02 8020 5777.

Roof Safety Anchor Point Certification

Is it time for your anchor points to be certified?

We have licensed installers and certifiers who are ready to assess the compliance and condition of your complete roof safety system. Our rates are competitive. We assess the condition of your roof safety anchor points based on the legislation in AS1891.4. Our technicians combine a visual inspection with a load test. Following the completion of the assessment and certification, you will be provided with a written certificate of compliance which is valid for 12 months.

  • How many roof anchor points do I need?
  • Where should roof anchor points be installed?
  • What type of anchor point will suit my needs?
  • How do I use a roof safety system?
  • What are the legal requirements with roof safety?

Our experienced technicians are ready to answer your questions and help you make informed decisions. We can help you understand all relevant considerations so that you can use your roof safety system with confidence.

For the ultimate standard in safety, rely on Sydney Anchor Points.

Never use an unlicensed or unauthorised installer.

What Is The Maximum Height We Can Reach?

Our ladders can comfortably reach the roof of a four-storey building. Using an access hatch though will allow us to work on any height roof.

Do You Need To Be Home?

We will gladly visit your property when you are at home if that is your preference. However, if you are happy for us to visit in your absence, we can simply leave you with a written quote or contact you via phone to obtain your approval and then commence work straight away.

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